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    英文儿歌It's a small world在线听及免费下载,mp3格式。It's a Small World歌词:it's a world of laughter, a world of tear. it's a world of hopes and a world of fears. there's much that we share, it's that time that we're aware, it's a...阅读全文

  • 儿歌Happy New Year新年好mp3-小蓓蕾 点击:3232 好评:0

    儿歌Happy New Year新年好mp3-小蓓蕾组合演唱,英中文混合,Happy New Year新年好歌词:Happy New Year, Happy New Year, Happy New Year to you all. We are singing. We are dancing. Happy New Year to you all新年好呀 新年好呀 祝...阅读全文

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    英语儿歌game song 音频mp3,...阅读全文

  • 英语儿歌you are adorable mp3 点击:2862 好评:8

    英语儿歌you are adorable mp3...阅读全文

  • 英语儿歌the finger family手指家庭mp3 点击:3091 好评:7

    英语儿歌the finger family手指家庭mp3在线听及免费下载,英语儿歌the finger family歌词: Daddy Finger, Daddy Finger.Here I am! Here I am! How are you, today?Very well, I thank you. Run away. Run away. Mommy Finger, Mommy Finger,H...阅读全文

  • 英语歌曲the lonely goatherd孤独的牧羊人mp3 点击:3703 好评:1

    英语歌曲the lonely goatherd孤独的牧羊人mp3,这是一首经典好听的英文歌曲,歌词是: high on a hill was a lonely goatherd lay ee odl lay ee odl lay hee hoo loud was the voice of the lonely goatherd lay ee odl lay ee odl-oo folk...阅读全文

  • 英语儿歌Open,Shut Them mp3 点击:3042 好评:0

    儿歌Open,Shut Them mp3,Open,Shut Them 儿歌mp3在线收听及下载,儿歌Open,Shut Them 歌词:...阅读全文

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    儿歌Five Little Kites mp3,Five Little Kites 儿歌mp3在线收听及下载,儿歌Five Little Kites 歌词:...阅读全文

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    儿歌Here Is the Chimney mp3下载,Here Is the Chimney 儿歌mp3下载,下载前请点击在线播放试听,儿歌Here Is the Chimney 歌词:...阅读全文

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    儿歌knock at the door mp3,knock at the door 儿歌mp3在线收听及下载,儿歌knock at the door 歌词:...阅读全文

  • mp3英语儿歌when christmas comes to town 点击:3135 好评:6

    mp3英语儿歌when christmas comes to town,when christmas comes to town儿歌mp3,when christmas comes to town歌词:I'm wishing on a star,And trying to believe,That even though it's far,He'll find me Christmas Eve,I guess that Santa ' s busy,Cause he...阅读全文

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    英语儿歌mp3下载栏目提供good night英文儿歌下载,good night英文儿歌歌词:Good night, Baby. Good night, Baby. Good night, Baby.Its time to go to bed. Merrily, we roll along. Roll along, roll along. Merrily, we roll along. As off to b...阅读全文

  • mp3英语儿歌hide and seek 捉迷藏 点击:3487 好评:2

    一首非常好听的英语儿歌hide and seek 捉迷藏,可在线听,也可以下载哦。一起来听听这首欢快的儿歌吧,先学下hide and seek 歌词:a b c d e f g,ABCDEFG,you are hiding far from me,looking here looking there,i can...阅读全文

  • 英语儿歌five little monkeys mp3格式 点击:3324 好评:13

    英语儿歌five little monkeys mp3在线听及下载,这个是唱的,不是说的,很好听哦。儿歌five little monkeys歌词:Five little monkeys jumping on the bed, One fell off and bumped his head. Mama called the doctor and the doctor...阅读全文

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    英文儿歌大全mp3栏目提供英语儿歌the train在线听及免费下载,英文儿歌the train歌词: 儿歌名称:The Train:火车 the wheels of the train go round and round, 火车的轮子转呀转, clickety clack clickefy clack, 咔嗒咔...阅读全文

  • 英文儿歌the train

    英文儿歌大全mp3栏目提供英语儿歌the train在线听及免费下载,英文儿歌the train歌词: 儿歌名称:The Train:火车 the wheels of the train go round and round, 火车的轮子转呀转, clickety clack clickefy clack, 咔嗒咔...

  • hickory,dickory,dock英语儿歌mp3

    英文儿歌大全mp3栏目提供英语儿歌hickory,dickory,dock在线听及免费下载,英文儿歌hickory,dickory,dock歌词: Hickory Dickory dock,The mouse ran up the clock, The clock struck one,The mouse ran down, Hickory Dickory dock. Hickory...

  • 圣诞歌曲英文儿歌jingle bells

    英文儿歌大全mp3栏目提供英语儿歌jingle bells在线听及免费下载,英文儿歌jingle bells歌词:Dashing through the snow, In a one horse open sleigh,O'er the fields we go, Laughing all the way,Bells on bob tails ring, Making spirits...